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Stoltzfus Family Dairy

Stoltzfus Family Dairy

Vern Stoltzfus

We’re a family of dairy artisans, providing the most natural, and high-quality milk products. Located in Upstate New York, we began with a vision to provide natural dairy foods that are healthy, and most importantly, make your taste buds smile! Our two family farms provide us with fresh high-quality milk coming into the creamery to ensure you always receive the best. The recipes for our products were all created in-house and we buy fresh frozen fruit and cook in-house to use for our yogurt. We strive to find a way to preserve things naturally. Our products contain no artificial flavors.  Our goal is to continue to bring great dairy products from our family farm to your family table.

Learn more about Stoltzfus Dairy and their products here >>> https://stoltzfusdairy.com/.

Our Extended Family

Benedict Farms

Benedict Farms

Jesse Benedict

Benedict Farms is a small family operation located in Wyoming, New York. Our Pure Maple Syrup is boiled on a wood fire evaporator to give it the best flavor. We strive to produce a top quality product for our customers to enjoy.

R.T. Baked Goods

Ruth Troyer

I came from a family of seven and my mother did a lot of cooking and baking. She needed my help in the kitchen and that is where I learned to cook and bake. When we moved to Perry, I wanted a little more to do, so thought I would take up baking. Everything I bake is made from scratch.  In our married years, I have always baked a lot which I enjoy doing, not just for ourselves but to give away to others.

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Countryside Produce

Ben Beery

Hello! This is Ben Beery. Along with my wife Rosie and family, we own and operate “Countryside Produce” and orchard. Our produce and fruit are matured on the plant, making better flavor and texture, which is far superior to that of the average produce purchased at the grocery. We have a much higher level of quality control than a large farm can provide. We believe in a family-oriented business that is sustainable, good for our green earth, and providing a superior product for people like you to enjoy! Remember: always shop local! Thanks for buying our products! I am sure you will enjoy them.

During the months when we cannot supply fresh produce from our own farm in New York, we will supply fresh produce for you to buy that will be brought in from the Southern States.

Hillside Meadows Farm

Andy Burkholder

At Hillside Meadows Farm we work hard to provide wholesome food at reasonable prices. Our animals are raised on pasture, and supplemented with hay and grain as needed to ensure health for the animal, and quality meat that is full of flavor! Our eggs are collected and packed by hand, so you can be sure we are serving you with a personal touch! We love what we do and we know you will love our products!

Hillside Meadows Farm

Jake And Wife

Jakes Gouda Cheese

Jake Stoltzfus

Jake Stoltzfus knew how delicious well-crafted food was. He wanted to bring that same goodness to Gouda Cheese. Together with his wife and using milk from their own dairy farm, they started making their own cheese. Jake’s Cheese is made in Upstate New York but it originated in the Dutch tradition with its roots in Holland.  The cheese is turned on pine planks for sixty days until perfected and aged just right and covered in a cream coating instead of a wax seal. Jake’s Cheese is not high-temperature pasteurized, but made from raw milk. These things make Jake’s Gouda Cheese one of New York’s finest traditional style Gouda cheeses. The goodness is spreading as they now have three styles of cheeses: baby, aged, and smoked. Jake’s Cheese received fourth place in the Gouda Cheese Contest at the World Champion Cheese Contest. Make sure to get your own taste of this delicious Gouda Cheese.

Stoltzfus Meats

Myron Stoltzfus

Stoltzfus Meats began in 1954 when Amos Stoltzfus and his wife Mary started selling meats and other goods from Lancaster County at the New Castle Farmer’s Market in New Castle, Delaware. In the 1960s, Stoltzfus Meats expanded its customer base, product line, and facilities. Demand for Stoltzfus Meats’ quality products–using the same recipes created by Amos–continued to grow through the 1990s and 2000s. Famous for his cheerful demeanor and oyster stew, Amos was beloved by employees. But in many ways, it was his wife Mary, who passed away in 1994, whose optimism and support is credited with keeping the business alive. Today, Stoltzfus Meats is led by Amos’s son Myron. They now serve many retail stores, market stands, and restaurants throughout the East Coast. Together with a passionate core of dedicated employees, loyal customers, and quality products, Stoltzfus Meats continues to grow, grounded in the past and confident in the future.

Stoltzfus Meats

Pa's Produce

Pa’s Produce

Sandy Brick

Pa’s Produce was started about 80 years ago by Sandy’s father-in-law in Leicester, New York. The stand is now along 20A in Perry where Jim and Sandy sell the lettuce they specialize in as well as other produce. Sandy started growing the lettuce eight years ago. It blossomed from just an idea into selling 2,000 bags of lettuce alone every year. Their kids are grown up and live away so selling produce was something Jim and Sandy thought would keep the kids interested in the farm. Their boys are there every weekend to help with harvesting. Sandy does all the lettuce herself so that she can take the best care of it. They use no chemicals in growing their produce. Awards that Pa’s Produce has received are posted above their wagon stand. They also sell to Hole in the Wall and Country Club. Sandy’s lettuce has such a demand that she can hardly grow enough for all the customers who love her products so much!

Wilma’s Bakery

Wilma Stoltzfus

Wilma’s Bakery is a business that began 15 years ago with a little table beside the road It didn’t take long till we moved into a little building where we sold many bakery items. We have now moved our baked goods to our store on our home property. I’m always looking for the most delicious recipes so I can sell baked goods that no one can resist. I’m sure to use high-quality products to keep the baked goods tasting top-notch. Fresh homemade bread has been a part of my business from the beginning. It is a staple for everyone with the whole wheat bread made from FRESHLY ground wheat being a favorite. One item I have added more recently is my delicious homemade cinnamon rolls. I specialize in large cinnamon rolls with lots of frosting. They are simply irresistible. Home delivery makes it possible for you to enjoy these delicious homemade items in your home without having to go out at all!

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Lantz’s Bulk Foods

Dwayne Glick

In 1995, Lantz’s Bulk Foods was started by Ivan & Cheryl Lantz at a local farmers market known then as “The New Farm”, right here in Warsaw, New York. In 2002, Lantz’s was purchased by the current owners & a nephew to Ivan, the Dwayne & Rosie Glick family. Here at Lantz’s,  we purchase most of our products in large quantities and repackage them into various sized clear containers or bags, passing the savings on to you. Our shelves are packed full of all kinds of goodness and goodies. Visit our deli for a delicious lunch meat and cheese selection that you are sure to love. Our kitchen staff will be happy to cook your favorite breakfast or lunch item off our menu. We also have homemade baked goods, hand-poured soy candles, handmade soap, and other gift items. Thanks for the opportunity to provide “Good food for your family table”.

Walnut Creek Foods

Mark Coblentz

Young, enthusiastic, and a bit naïve. I had just moved home in 1977 after a stint as a volunteer in a church program, and my cousin told me about a cheese route started by a local fellow that was now for sale. I struck a deal that put me in business.

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Stoltzfus Kitchen

Wilmer Stoltzfus

Stoltzfus Kitchen is a small family-run business that started in November of 2015. Wilmer and his family were originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but now live in Tennessee. Wilmer began making homemade meals as a business in a certified USDA kitchen in the basement of his home. Though his sales have grown exponentially since then, that’s still where they make all of their meals today. Wilmer, along with the help of his family makes an average of 480 meals per day from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Most of the recipes that Wilmer uses for his homestyle meals are old family favorites that he created on his own. All of these meals are home-cooked without any added preservatives. His goal is to keep this as a small homestyle run business never comprising on the high quality and homemade taste. The two top sellers are the 4 Cheese Lasagna and the Meatloaf. We are sure you do not want to miss your chance to experience this home-tasting goodness at your own family table.