To our Loyal Customers:

As of November 2022, we are refocusing on some of our core products, including our Stoltzfus Family Dairy products, as well as our meats and cheeses. We are partnering with one of our vendors, Stoltzfus Meats, to provide a more efficient delivery system anywhere in the U.S.

We are working on a new website to showcase our products, including those available for delivery and those in retail locations. That website should be available in several weeks.

We’re thankful to you, our loyal customers, for being a part of our business. We understand that this change may come with some losses to our valued customers. However, we are excited to continue home delivery to your door with UPS or FedEx, made possible by the partnership between Stoltzfus Meats and Stoltzfus Family Dairy.

Once again, we want to sincerely thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.

full line of Stoltzfus Family Dairy products